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Our Story

Our specially chosen ingredients in the Super Tattoo Range are nothing new to skin care, in fact they have been used for centuries by Geishas, Samurais, Indian Babajis and Buddhist Monks.  The reason? Because all of the ingredients in our products are 100% natural and have been around for centuries.

But we believe this is the first time they have all been brought together in one product.

As Professionals in the Tattoo Industry we take pride in both the work produced and our clients wellbeing:  we were looking for something not just to use during the Tattoo process but something that the client could carry on with during the healing process. It needed to give great results but also be safe, hygienic and effective and that we could give to our clients in confidence so that they could use it in confidence. 

We found that what we were looking for simply wasn’t available, so we made it.

We started by creating Super Tattoo Sauce a healing oil primarily for use during the aftercare process.  You can’t overuse the Sauce; unlike other aftercare products it doesn’t block pores. 

Unlike traditional tubs and tubes of balms and creams it is extremely difficult to cross contaminate the contents of the bottle. 

With ingredients that promote healing, are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and contain lots of benefits to the skin the oil is quick to absorb and whilst deeply moisturising the skin it leaves no residue on the surface.

Super Tattoo Sauce is easy to carry, nice to carry and something that your clients will want to carry.

The Butter is for Tattoo Artists; it is not on sale to the public.  In order to buy Super Tattoo Butter you must register on this website allowing you to purchase Super Tattoo Butter and Super Tattoo Sauce at Trade Prices.

We could tell you about the many benefits of using Super Tattoo Butter as an Artist Process Butter like the way it reduces blood flow or that it slightly numbs and soothes the skin allowing you to put the colour into any skin in only one pass.  We could tell you a lot more but that would spoil the fun you will have when discovering this product yourself. 

When combined with Super Tattoo Sauce as a healing lotion you will not believe how quickly tattoos heal or for that matter how much colour and depth they will retain compared to “traditional” healing methods.

We are not a big, faceless chemical company; we are old school Professional Tattoo Artists.  

When we realised the benefits or the Super Tattoo Range, we realised that it was something more than just our own invention for our own Studio.  We realised that we had to share this product with our fellow Professionals, and we are sharing it at a very reasonable price. 

Artists: If you have already tried our products you will understand our confidence.  If you haven’t had a free sample pack already then please register at 

Super Tattoo Range

Super Tattoo Butter

  • Reduces redness, swelling & bleeding
  • Softens all types of skin to allow better penetration of ink
  • Melts easily on skin = no residue build up & no clogging of needles
  • Does not smudge or move stencils/freehand
  • Very small amount goes very long way
  • Numbing & soothing sensation = clients sit easier
  • Contains Vitamins A & E and has antibacterial properties
  • Promotes healing

Super Tattoo Sauce

  • Boosts natural healing
  • Moisturises
  • Emollient
  • High in skin brightening Vitamin C
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • High in Vitamins A, C & E